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Deaddie Du Dead vol. 1

Deaddie Du Dead vol. 1

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Volume 1 of comic Deaddie Du Dead by Lithuanian artist Arūnas Murnikovas

In the dismal world where humans live together with hybrids everything becomes more distorted day by day. Yvas is a teenager who happens to work as an assassin for an agency established by the government. However, after an incident between them and his friend, Yvas and his partner Alissa swear to destroy the agency and become free from it.

Everything becomes even more complicated when Yvas dies and comes back to life with a strange power called "awakening". Due to circumstances Yvas becomes a target of multiple underground groups.

Product details:

Softcover: 216 pages (black & white + coloured)

Dimensions: 130 x 190 mm

Reading age: 15+


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